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Artist Mikayla Forster Logo in white

Gifting Moments of Magic.

Original Artworks

Paintings are more than just décor; they are the silent storytellers of our walls, capturing creativity in each brushstroke.

A photo of a commissioned painting of a couple dancing by artist mikayla forster

Commissioned Paintings

Vivid colours and intricate details capture emotions and memories in ways that words alone cannot. They recreate special moments, allowing us to relive joy, love, and nostalgia with every glance.

Art Prints

 Printed locally and thoughtfully packaged by Mikayla herself, these art prints come directly from her home to yours.

About the Artist

Gifting Moments of Magic

By the age of 24, New Zealand based artist Mikayla Forster has poured her soul more than 150 artworks in counting. A testament to over 3000 hours of dedication to her craft.


"I absolutely love gifting moments of magic through art. Plants, nature, animals and human figures are among my favourite subjects to paint. I have a particular fondness for painting figurative work as my realistic painting style lends itself well to these subjects."

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