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Commissioned Painting Quotes

Personalised Painting Services

Commissioned paintings are perfect for beautifying a space, bringing your ideas to life and celebrating loved ones, both human and furry. As well as this, commissioned paintings make incredibly moving gifts that often evoke tears.


If you’re interested in commissioning your own personalized painting, and would like a quote, contact Mikayla directly or fill out the form below.

"As an artist I love being able to use my skills in ways that are meaningful to others. Helping clients to realize their ideas, through my art, is an extremely rewarding way for me to do this."

- Mikayla Forster

Want a quote?

Contact Mikayla directly or fill out the form using the button below.

Would rather chat?

If you would rather talk directly about your painting ideas flick Mikayla an email, or a message on any of her social platforms, and she will get back in touch as soon as possible.


Commemorate Our Closest Friends 

Paintings, with their expressive brushstrokes and carefully chosen colors, honor our beloved pets and family in a timeless way. They capture the essence of their personalities, preserving their spirit and companionship while they are with us and long after they’ve left our side


Celebrate Special Moments

Vivid colors and intricate details, capture emotions and memories in a way that words alone cannot. They recreate special moments, allowing us to relive joy, love, and nostalgia with every glance.


Mikayla has completed over 100 commissioned paintings to date. Tap to see Mikayla's portfolio of previously completed commissioned paintings.

How does the commissioning process work?

After contact has been made, Mikayla will respond with feedback and various prices for different canvas sizes. If the client is happy with the price and size of the piece and wishes to proceed, reference images/photos will then need to be provided. The client should keep in mind that depending on the reference images they can provide, some of their ideas/preferences for the painting may not be possible. Once Mikayla has a proper idea of the clients vision, she will make a place for the client's piece in her schedule and notify the user of the estimated start and completion times.

How long does it take for the painting to be completed? 

Most small and medium sized paintings take 2-3 weeks to complete from starting. Larger paintings can take up to or over a month to complete. The level of detail and number of figures in the painting also have an affect on timeframe. When Mikayla is able to start the painting depends on how many other commission bookings are queued. An estimated start and completion date will be provided throughout the initial planning process. There is some leeway available if a deadline is required, however this will need to be negotiated with the artist. 

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