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About the Artist 

Capturing creativity on canvas and perusing passion with paint.

A Bit About Me

"Drawing, painting, and art has always been somewhat of a second nature to me, Mikayla Forster a self taught artist from the Wairarapa New Zealand. Most children draw frequently throughout childhood and I was no different. Yet. when my peers put down their pencils around the ages of 11 & 12 I never stopped. As I grew, in both age and skill, I quickly learnt that there was no other path for me, and whatever the odds, I was going to make my dream feasible. 

I have poured my soul into over 150 artworks across 5 years in counting. A testament to over 3000 hours of dedication to my craft."

Artist Mikayla Forster standing beside her paintings at an art show

Bringing to life the silent stories of nature and humanity.

Artist Mikayla Forster standing amongst her paintings in a market stall


My paintings are littered with vibrant flora, untamed fauna, and the intricate human form—each subject chosen for its ability to speak without words, to evoke emotions, and to challenge the viewer to see beyond the mundane. My art is a bridge between reality and imagination, a means to explore the depths of personal identity and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of life’s trials.

Artist Mikayla Forster Signature
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