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Oil Painting Aftercare

Each oil painting by the artist Mikayla Forster is created with the utmost care to ensure that the artwork will be treasured for many years. Written below are a few aftercare instructions to help ensure the long healthy life of your painting.

A photo of various art prints created from artworks by nz artist Mikayla Forster

When you first receive your painting, avoid keeping it wrapped or left in its packaging for too long to prevent a moisture build up which could cause damage to the artwork.


When choosing a location for your artwork, think about displaying it in a position where it is exposed to the least amount of environmental damage possible. For example, avoid hanging your painting in direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will fade the colours in your oil painting. Do not expose the painting to extreme heat by hanging it directly over fires, radiators and heaters. Do not expose the painting to high humidity or cold temperatures by hanging in bathrooms, kitchens or around a swimming/spa pool.


It is a good idea to dust your painting regularly. Regular dusting prevents a thick layer of dust build up which could dry out the paint and possibly result in cracking or peeling. When dusting, do not spray any chemicals or household cleaning products on the work. Avoid using damp cloths and water. Only dust with a soft light brush or a dry microfibre cloth and remember to check the back of your painting regularly for any pests or insects.


With correct positioning, regular dusting and a bit of care your painting is guaranteed to last many years.

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