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Atlas - Original Painting

Atlas - Original Painting


This large one off original painting is titled 'Atlas' after the Attacus Atlas moth depicted in the piece. Mikayla was inspired by the vibrant colours and size of the moth, thirty times larger than the butterfly average, and chose to couple it with a female portrait. The artwork is symbolic of contemplation and self realisation. The lightbulb was a great symbol of ‘illuminating’ or understanding. 


Each original artwork comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity and aftercare sheet to help ensure the artwork is treasured for many years. 

Art prints of this piece are available.


The artwork is painted with Norma Schmincke professional oil paint on a large heavy duty New Zealand pine stretched canvas that measures 750 x 500 mm. The painting was completed on the 26th of April, 2021. 


Please note, shipping is free and includes tracking and insurance.

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