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Crude Creatures: Gary the Glutton - Original Artwork

Crude Creatures: Gary the Glutton - Original Artwork


Created by the artist Mikayla Forster, this drawing is titled 'Gary the Glutton.' 


Gary is the forth critter to appear in Mikayla's series of artworks titled Crude Creatures. Crude creatures is a series of hand drawn sketches depicting whimsical characters who personify some of humanity's finest qualities. This series is for those of us who don't take life too seriously and dabble in a bit of dark humour.  


This hand drawn sketch is framed and was drawn using fine liner pens on a heavy body paper. The outside edges of the black frame measure 242 X 293 mm and the artwork itself measures 145 x 185 mm. This sketch was completed on the 20th of Febuary, 2024. 


This artwork comes with it's own Certificate of Authenticity.  


Please note, shipping for all original artworks include tracking and insurance.

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