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Schrödinger's Cats - Art Prints

Schrödinger's Cats - Art Prints


This high quality unframed art print of the painting 'Schrödinger's Cats' is available in three sizes.


The inspiration behind this piece comes from a quantum mechanics theory suggested by Erwin Schrodinger, that the cat is nether dead or alive until you open the box


The print is packaged in a clear cellophane bag and supported by a 100% recycled grey mount backing board for protection. The print has a smooth matte finish and is professionally printed onto a thick 300gsm paper.


The measurements for the three available sizes are as follows;

  • Small Prints - 146 x 177 mm 
  • Medium Prints - 210 x 253 mm
  • Large Prints - 296 x 357 mm


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